Friday, May 1, 2009


One of the things the TCM practitioner said was that I "live in [my] head too much." She categorized me as someone who is always thinking (which is sadly true - my brain did not come with an off switch). She suggested that I start a gratitude journal, and focus on building my joy. I really must be a thinker rather than a do-er, because I've thought about it an awful lot, but have yet to put pen to paper. So, here are five things I'm grateful for this week:

1. I love, love, love our church. Last Sunday, I felt this overwhelming desire to worship, and I was really hoping that my favorite worship team would be there (we go to a large church, and they have several different bands). We arrived right after the service started, and I was slightly disappointed to find someone I didn't recognize behind the microphone. Well...I didn't recognize him until he started singing. It was Martin Smith from the band Delirious?!! He led us in an amazing time of worship. I felt like I could release a lot of my tensions and just sit at God's feet. It was exactly what I needed.

2. I am so grateful for C. We celebrated our fourth anniversary yesterday, and each had the day off work. C took me out to breakfast, and then to my favorite tea house. He had planned a picnic, but the rain interfered, so he spent all afternoon driving me to my favorite places. We're pretty landlocked here; however, there are two reservoirs that can pass as lakes, and I love to be by the water. So he took me to the best places to see the water. It was really sweet and romantic!

3. I'm grateful for our little zoo. Right now Serenity is purring away in my lap (and occasionally rubbing her face on my arm, making it hard to type). Riddick woke me up this morning by curling up next to me on the pillow, and Celerity was waiting for me right outside the bedroom door. They are such gentle animals, and always so in tune with my moods. Whenever I am sad or hurting, they seem to know and want to comfort me.

4. I'm glad I'm off today! (Need I say more?)

5. I am starting to feel better, physically and emotionally. I had really low energy levels for such a long time; just getting out of bed was enough to wipe me out for the day. It's debatable whether it's due to depression or the medications I was taking. But now, I'm noticing frequent spurts of energy, and each one lasts longer and longer. (Per the TCM practitioner, I've started taking blue-green algae and digestive enzymes, and eating much more protein - I wonder if it's related).


Kim H. said...

Awww... your hubby is really sweet - I would LOVE a day like that!

I too am loving on my zoo today - I'm not at home with them right now, but it's both of my dog's birthday today... so there will be lots of fun getting new toys tonight. :-) I also find it amazing when they know just exactly how to respond to my mood... extra close when Mama is sad.

I'm sure that the protein does give you a bit more energy - and it is great that you're feeling more and more of it. YEAH! Maybe you've found just exactly where you need to be and are reaping the rewards.

Wishing 4 One said...

What a great idea... a journal of blog is my journal, maybe i should start being more grateful there? Anyway glad youre feeling better. Nice to find you today.

Joy said...

Did he sing "Miracle Maker"? That song gives me CHILLS because the words are just so powerful! My husband is a worship leader and, I may be biased, he's my fave! LOL!

I think I live in my head way more than I should, too.

Hope Endures said...

No "Miracle Maker" :( - but he did do a new song that I really liked. I only remember snippets of it; it's driving me crazy!!

Anonymous said...

It almost sounds like you might live in my neck of the least, close, anyway. No decent bodies of water...unending rain (like today - the skies are wide open!). Your plans for Sunday sound quite lovely, actually.