Saturday, May 9, 2009


I hate bugs. I mean, I really HATE bugs. I know they're so much smaller than I am, and they aren't really going to hurt me (most of them, anyway) - but they still creep me out. (A friend of mine once shot a spider in his basement. I think he had the right idea. Raid isn't as deadly at a distance.)

So what sparked this random post on bugs? UGH! I just found a tick on Riddick. It was so big, I didn't realize what it was at first. I thought it might be a growth of some sort, or a bit of chewing gum stuck in his fur. was a TICK.

I am so glad C was here. He took care of it, while I hid in the back room. *shudder* Starting tomorrow, Riddick is getting a daily dose of garlic. (It's not going to help his horrid dog-breath any, but I don't think it can make it any worse, either!) There had better NOT be any more ticks in my house.

Hopefully our afternoon plans will keep me distracted from the memory of the tick. We are heading out to see the new Star Trek movie! I am a sci-fi geek at heart, and am very excited. (I probably shouldn't mention this in public, but I went to a Star Trek convention once...and I liked it.)


Joy said...

I love Stargate but I don't like the Star Trek stuff. However this movie looks good to me, probably because it is newer. My husband saw it last night and said it was The. Best. Movie!

Ugh to the tick! When I go on walks I always get home and shake my hair out. I hate bugs, too!!!

Kim H. said...

Yikes! Ewww... my Dad had to do the same thing with my little sister not to long ago...