Monday, December 14, 2009

(Bad) Blogger of the Year Award

It's about that time of year, when the cable channels are filled with programs counting down the Best Dressed Celebrities of 2009, the Worst Feuds, and the Top News Stories. In the same vein, I've decided to award myself the Bad Blogger of the Year Award. It has been almost a month since my last post...and the tragedy is, I don't even have a good excuse.

I've been exhausted (combination of lingering OHSS and pregnancy symptoms), and with loads of psychotic drama at work, I've started working from home. So, between naps and bouts of nausea, I've been sitting on the couch hammering away on my laptop. Blogger is but a click away, yet I haven't clicked. I haven't typed. I haven't uploaded ultrasound pictures.

It occurred to me today, that it's because I am afraid. I'm scared that if we make too big of a deal about this pregnancy, something bad will happen and it will all fade away. I guess you could say that God and I are dealing with lots of trust issues. Infertility is a painful road, and it has both shaken and strengthened my faith. But He is good, and He is reminding me of that daily. Here's His reminder for today: ultrasound pictures of our twins...twins who are growing right on schedule and whose hearts are beating strong!

Baby ABaby B