Friday, May 8, 2009

M Minus Two Days

Today marks M minus two days. Mother's Day usually bothers me quite a bit. This year, I am being proactive and have come up with a plan. It's quite simple really:

  • I am not leaving the house.

  • I am not turning on the tv.

  • I am not turning on the radio.

  • I am going to sit on my balcony and read. If it rains sideways and the balcony gets wet (which is a distinct possibility, the way the weather has been lately), I am going to sit on the couch and read.

  • Brilliant, isn't it? Avoidance in it's simplest and purest form. But this year, it's avoidance sans the guilt trip. I always feel like a bad person for skipping church on those "big" family holidays, but not this year. I'm letting myself off the hook.

    I'm actually looking forward to Sunday quite a bit. It's been busy lately (as you may have noticed from my lack of blogging), and a day of rest will be refreshing. Plus, I'm hoping to have all the laundry finished by then. C has developed a severe rash all over his body, and I'm re-washing everything in special detergent in case that's the culprit. (Yes, I do mean everything...anyone want to come help fold? Good times.)


    Joy said...

    I don't think you should feel guilty one iota. One of my SILs is not going to be joining us on Sunday because it is an extremely hard day for her too and we understand. So I'm sure others around you would understand (if they know your story)!

    Heather said...

    That sounds like a brilliant idea. You should add in a pampering bath in the mix. I hope you have a wonderful relaxing day!

    Kim H. said...

    That sounds like a good plan. I was glad to have the courage to go and be with my church family, but I completely understand wanting to avoid it too. Part of me wanted to stay in bed with the covers over my head, but I was glad that I went too. They didn't make a huge deal about it either - which was nice.