Wednesday, August 12, 2009


***TMI Warning***

Dr. No-Bull did my sonohysterogram and trial transfer on Monday morning. I had some slight cramping during and afterward, but it wasn't anything earth-shattering. Certainly it was nothing like what I experienced after the hsg. No spotting, very light cramping. Yesterday I felt like it never even happened.

Today, though, I started spotting heavily. It's cd14. I'm usually not one for mid-cycle spotting; the two times I've had it before were of the blink-and-it's-over variety. Not this time...I would almost think a new cycle was starting. No cramps, just heavy spotting. Does anyone know if this is normal to experience 48 hours after these procedures, or should I put a call in to Dr. No-Bull?


finding_ac said...

i would call the doc, usually if you were to expect bleeding of this sort, he would have warned you- right?

when would you expect implantation must be different, cause of the fact you are going this method, from the normal timing?

♥ ac

Joy said...

I would also call, just to make sure! ;-)

twondra said...

I would call just to make sure. Keep us posted!

Hillary said...

I hope you get it figured out! Sorry you had to deal with that :(

Courtney said...

Hey! You have an award on my blog!