Monday, August 10, 2009

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet...

It's a, a, it's (GASP OF HORROR) an insane infertile on the loose! I do feel more than a little bit crazy at the moment. So much has been happening so quickly! The needle on my speedometer has passed the 200 mark and I'm redlining. I've barely been able to process it all, let alone write about it.

The common denominator in all of our busy-ness lately has been money. As in, we've been spending a lot of it. To start with, we finally settled on a car (a 2006 Honda Accord EXL). We were strongly considering an SUV, because "what if" the IVF works and "what if" we need more space for strollers and car seats and other baby paraphernalia. I remembered reading another blogger's (I am so sorry, I can't remember who) thoughts on decision-making in light of infertility. Do you go with the "what if's" and constantly live in a place of maybe? Or do you enjoy each moment for what it is, and make decisions based on how things are right now while leaving the door open for change? We chose to do the latter. Right now - I like the Accord better. I'm more comfortable driving it, and the trunk space and backseat will be adequate if the IVF succeeds. So, we bought the Accord. (And I look darn good driving it, if I do say so myself.)

Where IVF is concerned, I have that feeling you get at the beginning of a rollercoaster, where you're thrown back against the seat, the car is gaining speed, and you're wondering what you're in for. So far this cycle, I've had my day 3 bloodwork done, and this morning I had my sonohysterogram (where they check the uterus for fibroids, polyps or anything else that may cause a problem) and trial transfer (where they "map" the uterus so there are no surprises on the day of transfer - such as huge ovaries preventing a good ultrasound picture). The next step will be to start birth control pills when a new cycle starts. Which should, lucky me, be right around the end of our vacation.

Ironically, I think vacation is stressing me out more than anything else. There is so much planning to do before we can leave! Not to mention, I am suffocating at work. I need to get my inbox back to a manageable level before we go; I'm already putting in an extra 10-20 hours a week. (Hence the sparse blogging.) If I can just survive the next two weeks, I'm going to plop my rear down in the sand and do absolutely nothing but watch the waves. Ahhhhhhh, beach. I cannot wait!!

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Kim H. said...

Can I come crash your vacation?! It sounds fantastic

Courtney said...

Enjoy your much needed vacay! Once the IVF rollercoaster gains momentum there will be no stopping for breaks! We took a vacay to Cabo at the end of May before we started our first IVF cycle. That was one of the best things we have ever done. I wish you the best of luck and thanks so much for your sweet comment!

finding_ac said...

that is like me this month, my vacation is ruining everything!!

♥ ac

Hillary said...

Love the description of the going up the roller coaster...I could totally relate to that image and IF treatments!

Hang in there and I hope you vacation brings you some much needed rest :)