Friday, October 30, 2009

Midnight Snack

CelerityDisclaimer: The author of this blog has just taken Vicodin and Benadryl, after a long sleepless night interrupted by the shenanigans of a very angry cat. The opinions contained within (along with grammar and typos) may be completely nonsensical. (Although - I guess that's not much different from normal, is it??)

Seriously, I just tried to log in to Facebook with the username google. And I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't let me in. *sigh* Anyway, I should have known better about the cat. I have two Sphynxes (furless cats); they are very sweet-tempered and social animals, nothing like the Sphynx Rachel bought on that one episode of Friends. Mine have both stayed close to my side this week, especially since I've been sleeping on "their" couch.

Serenity, the mother of my other cat, has truly lived up to her name. She seems to sense when I am in pain, and she gently nudges me or licks my face like she's trying to comfort me. Celerity (pictured above), even though she is Serenity's offspring, has a completely different disposition. She is a firecracker! C has affectionately named her "Bad A$$ Kitty," a moniker which fits her well. Despite her antics, though, she brings much joy to our lives.

Food is Celerity's favorite obsession. She once stalked and stole a whole spear of asparagus off my dinner plate, but that's another story. (She's also incredibly fond of steak. It's very odd.) Celerity has feline asthma and is on a small steroid dosage; this only adds to her food fetish. If she can see the bottom of her food bowl (even if it's only because she's pushed all the food aside), she freaks out.

So, all night long, Celerity "attacked" the furniture in the living room: she scratched at the couch; she pounced on the table and pushed things off it. Then she ran around my head for a few minutes before starting the cycle again. The problem? She got up for a midnight snack and decided her food bowl was low. We're not talking empty, or even close to empty - just low. I didn't realize her problem until nearly 6 AM. Having lived with her for the past nine years, I should have understood immediately - but I didn't.

I just filled her bowl to the brim and she's curled up in a ball, purring contentedly. So, now I am not only overly emotional, in the throes of an enormous allergic reaction (more on that later), and in pain, but sleep-deprived as well. If this IVF cycle is a success, I guess I will be well prepared for those long sleepless nights ahead!


finding_ac said...

that 2nd cat (celerity?) sounds just like my cat nicholbee!! except the freaking out when the bowl is empty thing. He does however freak out (in joy) when 4pm rolls around (although he should know by now 6pm is feeding time, lol) but he will do the same thing with running around scratching my over 1500 dollar couches and laying on the pillows the wrong way (ruining them), but he loves me (when he isnt having a bipolar episode) and will take naps with me.

there is nothing better (at least right now to me) than seeing my pugs and nicholbee the cat's puffy fat face while they are stretching after a nice nap...

i seriosly think i need help cause i love them more than most things, i love them more than i love most PEOPLE i know...


♥ ac

Jem said...

Ouch! I'm laughing so hard at Clerity's antics. Could be the hormones, but I have tears streaming down my face. DH is wondering what's so funny and Sharkey, my giant sized cat is wondering what happened to his bed (my lap) that started moving while I laughed.

Thank you so much for the laugh.